Spare Parts Support 

At CD Tractors we have extensive knowledge & experience across a wide range of machinery, We stock genuine parts to suit all our brands and franchises, and also offer an after hours parts service to ensure that after hours breakdowns are resolved with a minimum amount of downtime.

  • Kioti
  • Hardi
  • Croplands
  • Sparex
  • BareCo
  • Century
  • Shell
  • We also stock a large range of filters and belts




We offer an on-farm service to all the equipment that we sell. We are continually updating our skills & knowledge on new and existing products by attending factory training regularly.

We have the latest diagnostic equipment & special tools to ensure you are back in the field as quickly as possible.

Our service is backed by genuine parts availability as well as technical support from our suppliers.


Service & Maintenance Tips

After 50 years as a tractor mechanic by far biggest problem has been dirty fuel. We are constantly called out to tractors that have stopped or running erratically, whilst this is good business for us it is actually very easily prevented thus saving you big dollars. With modern Common Rail systems it is imperative that the fuel system is maintained correctly or its even bigger dollars.

With conventional diesel fuel systems there is usually a filter in the tank, a filter/gauze in the lift pump then a primary and secondary filter between the lift pump and the injector pump, these last two filters are replaceable and may be CAV type or spin on type, either option is inexpensive to replace ( CAV type filters are around $8.00 each, spin ons may be $20.00).  Always use clean fuel from a clean container and change filters once a year and you should have no problems.